The Best Wine Clubs Online, Broken Down By Price, Quality, And How Much Fun They Are

So you want to drink more wine but you don’t feel like actually going out and buying it? You, my friend, are not the only one who isn’t always in the mood to search through store aisles or endlessly scroll on delivery apps to get good vino. I, too, wish an array of bottles would just magically appear at my doorstep from time to time.

Believe it or not, this is an actual possibility. There’s a way you can score a variety of bottles — a whole case even! — without ever leaving your home to purchase them, without needing to pick the specific style or varietal of wine. How, you ask, can one benefit from such a great service?

Easy. Join a wine club.

Whether you’re a wine newbie looking to expand your palate or a seasoned enthusiast on the hunt for more obscure, you’ll-never-find-this-in-a-store bottles, there are plenty of wine clubs that ship curated cases of wines to people across America month after month. Some of them even host virtual hangouts for members as well as various other interactive events like club-wide wine tastings with some of the country’s most celebrated sommeliers.

To help pick the club that’s right for you, we scoured through some of the coolest wine clubs online. And because we love a little competition, we ranked them all based on the price and quality of the club. Additional info on how you can sign up is linked in the price points.

Now off to the clubs!

10. Flight Cru

Membership Price: $208 – $389

The Club:

This is a club that those just beginning their wine journey will appreciate. Not only does it provide members with a mix of six or 12 bottles every month — from wineries in every corner of the world, at that — it helps drinkers advance their wine knowledge with tasting notes, monthly group tastings (virtual, for now), private one-on-one tastings with Flight Cru’s sommelier and access to wine tours and events.

The whole point of Flight Cru is to expose drinkers to wines from all over the world and give them the opportunity to experience regions in more ways than just with a glass.

Members can sign up for a Short Term Visa membership for $208, which gets them six bottles of wine over the course of three months. The Long Term Visa membership for $389 gets members 12 bottles of wine shipped out over a six-month span.

Bottom Line:

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of various wine regions (and possibly visit them), this club can teach you everything you need to know, on top of possibly helping you foster a community of wine friends through monthly tasting events.

9. Wine Access

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Membership Price: $150, quarterly

The Club:

The wines included in boxes from Wine Access are picked by a certified master sommelier, a master of wine, and an International Wine judge every month. Sometimes, the trio sends recommendations sourced from Michelin-star somms and some of the world’s most celebrated winemakers. All that to say, you’ll be receiving some top-notch bottles from all around the world, should you join Wine Access.

There are two clubs to choose from. First is the Discovery Club, in which subscribers receive six bottles — either all reds or a mixed box of red and white wines — from renowned wineries. Then there’s the Connoisseurs Club, which gets members two luxury bottles of red wine — I’m talking the finest wines of the world, the stuff you’re going to want to save for a few years and pop during a celebratory moment.

Both clubs send members wine four times throughout the year. And with every box, members will get access to video tasting notes and insights from the wine experts at Wine Access, as well as invitations to occasional group tasting events.

Plus subscribers can always go on the club’s site and buy individual bottles, should they fall in love with something included in their box and want to purchase more. There are hundreds upon hundreds of options in Wine Access’ bountiful wine library.

Bottom Line:

The options at Wine Access are nearly limitless, which means no two boxes are ever the same. This is the club when you want variety all the time, every time.

8. Cellar 503

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Membership Price: $40 – $50

The Club:

Okay, this wine club is hella specific. And by specific, I mean that this club only ships out bottles of wine made in Oregon. Whether a box of chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, sparkling rosé — whatever — it’s always and only ever going to be by Oregon from Oregon.

The state’s Willamette Valley in particular is home to some pretty spectacular wineries. But for some reason, it can be a challenge to finding good Oregon-made bottles in grocery stores and other places where wine is sold. This club is the solution for that and a gateway to exploring the wines of the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s the skinny on the club: Members can choose a Red Wine Club subscription and get two bottles of some fabulous Oregon offering for $55 a month. The White Wine Club offers two bottles of Oregon-made whites for $45 a month. And the Mixed Wine Club gets subscribers a bottle of red and a bottle of white for just $50 a month.

Bottom Line:

You should be drinking more wine from Oregon. This club is the perfect way to start doing that.

7. Williams Sonoma Wine Club

Membership Price: $90 or $210

The Club:

Have you entered the Williams Sonoma chapter of your life? Do you find yourself entering the store or filling your online shopping carts with glassware, plates, cast iron skillets, and more gourmet cookware sold at the kitchen and home emporium?

Well, then obviously, you’ll be interested in boxes of wine picked for you by William Sonoma’s elite league of sommeliers and wine professionals.

You get two options here: The Explorer Wine Club, which gives members a six-bottle box of wines sourced from around the globe for $90 a month, and the $210-a-month Entertainer Wine Club that comes with six bottles of occasion-worthy wines and bottles made for cellaring.

Bottom Line:

You’re going to need some wine to pair with the roasted chicken you plan to make with that Le Creuset dutch oven you bought during quarantine. This is the club to join when you want to take the easy approach and have someone else pick that bottle (and send it) for you.

6. Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant Wine Club

Membership Price: $39 – $249, monthly

The Club:

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant is one of the biggest French and Italian fine-wine importers in the world. So naturally, a club created by the company is going to give subscribers access to some of the best wines of those regions.

There are many types of clubs for members to participate in under the Kermit Lynch umbrella.

For $39 a month, members can get two bottles of wine from France and Italy through The Adventures Club package. Then there’s Club Rouge for $69 a month, which, as the name suggests, focuses on red wines while for $89 a month, members can get two bottles of white wine through Club Bianco.

If two bottles aren’t enough, there’s Club Chevalier. For $249, members can get a box full of artesian, rare, and aged wines every other month. Good luck getting on that waiting list though!

Bottom Line:

If you seek excellence in a bottle, this wine club is surely where you will find it.

5. Plonk Wine Club

Membership Price: $110 for four-bottle subscriptions, $160 for six-bottle subscriptions, and $285 for 12-bottle subscriptions

The Club:

All the wines shipped to Plonk Wine Club members are sourced from small-production wineries that specialize in organic, biodynamic wine.

The club is especially good at highlighting and showcasing some of the realllllyyyy good wines being produced in untapped regions of the world like Greece and Croatia, and wine made from grapes that hardly ever get a spot on shelves at stores. Looking to try some Hungarian Hárslevelű? This is the wine club that can get you a bottle of that.

Members can choose to take part in the monthly Red Wine Club, Mixed Wine Club, or White Wine Club, and they can choose how many bottles they want to receive in each shipment—four, six, or 12?

Even payment is customizable. Members can opt for a monthly plan and get a new box of wine shipped out every month, or they can opt for subscriptions that will send out wine three or six times a year.

Bottom Line:

This is the wine club to join when you’re tired of the same-old-same and want to excite your tastebuds with quality wine that you likely won’t find at your local wine shop or grocery store.

4. Natural Action Wine Club

Membership Price: $150 quarterly

The Club:

If you want to drink and make the world a better, more inclusive place, then this is the wine club for you.

The folks at Natural Action Wine Club work with a different natural wine producer for each box, and they are really specific in their choosing. Winemakers must meet the club’s “critical” sustainable and ethical standards to have their bottles included — standards centered around promoting inclusivity, sustainable farming methods, and employment opportunities for the BIPOC community.

Members receive four bottles of wine in a box four times a year along with information regarding the history and community impact efforts of each winery.

What’s even better, the club’s profits from memberships go directory scholarships and programs that will provide jobs, internships, and apprenticeships for BIPOC people.

Bottom Line:

This is wine drinking for a good cause. What’s not to love about that?

3. Winc

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Membership Price: $59.99 monthly

The Club:

Take a quick quiz and Winc’s experts will compile a box of four wines tailored to your palate. All of the wine mailed out each month is sourced and produced by Winc’s own in-house winemakers, and the bottles sent to members are picked by the club’s sommeliers.

What’s great about this club — aside from the array of fruity, zippy, earthy, and easy-drinking wines mailed out each month — is that members can rate the wines they like and don’t like, which helps the somms get a better idea of what type of wines to send next month. Members also get access to Winc’s forever-expanding wine library, so if they want to tac on bottles of their choosing, they can do that too.

Not a fan of a bottle sent? No problem. Winc has a refund policy for wines not enjoyed. Members also have the option to skip a month when they don’t need a box.

Bottom Line:

Can’t beat a box full of good wine for $59.99.

2. Winestyr

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Membership Price: Between $99 and $649 per shipment

The Club:

Whether you’re only starting your wine journey or deep in the game, this is an all-around great wine club for people who want to drink great wine. Boxes are curated by sommeliers, and all the wine comes from actual, viable wineries. This means there’s no guessing where the grapes come from, who makes the wine, or any of that other sketchy business some wine clubs fall prey to.

Subscribers have some options with this one. There are four different tiers of memberships all based on what type of wine you want to receive. There’s the All Reds package, which, obviously is all red wines. There’s an All Whites package, and for those who like to shake things up, a Mixed package. Drinkers who are mostly looking to upgrade their personal cellars can get down with the Collectors package — the most expensive membership but worth it for those looking for rare and high-scoring red wines.

For each package, members can choose how many bottles of wine they want to receive per shipment — three, six, or 12. Prices vary for each with. However, members have the option to receive shipments 12 times a year, six times a year, or four. Folks can also go on Winestyr’s website and buy individual bottles at a discounted price at their leisure.

Bottom Line:

Guaranteed quality wine from quality producers across the globe, plus purchase flexibility, and access to exclusive library wines, discounts, member events, and virtual tastings — what’s not to love about Winestyr?

1. Eater Wine Club

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Membership Price: Four bottles per month for $100 or 2 bottles a month for $70

The Club:

Eater’s wine club takes interaction to another level. Every month, subscribers are sent either four or two unique bottles of wine curated by a wine professional from an Eater-selected restaurant.

The chosen wine expert for the month not only chooses the wine for club members based on a theme of their choice, but they also guide members through the club’s virtual tasting for the month. For example, May’s box of goods was picked by San Diego sommelier Chelsea Coleman, who runs the natural wine shop Rose. Back in March, Rania Zayat — who we spoke to about her change-making, inclusive wine organization LiftCollective — guided subscribers through the islands of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas with wines sourced from Sardinia and Sicily.

The wines are almost always bottles you’ve never heard of but will want to add to your rotation, and the virtual club tasting is a total blast. Seriously! There are games, breakout sessions where you get to interact virtually with other members and Eater peeps, thoughtful discussions, pairing notes, and a lit chat box that goes all the way up with comments and debates amongst attendees.

Bottom Line:

Eater’s Wine Club is more than just a box of wine dropped off at the door — it’s a whole community. If you’re looking for interesting wines with the help of an actual wine expert to guide you through each of them, then this is the club for you. Not to mention all the new wine friends you’ll make along the way.