Let Us All Be As Excited About Love As This Woman Freaking Out Over A Proposal

There are only two things to hope for when going into a very public proposal: First, you want the object of your affection to say yes, thereby agreeing to spend the rest of their life with you and also not making you look like a complete idiot in the mall food court (like this guy, when both his girlfriends confronted him). Second, you want your beloved to be the star of the show. After all, you’re getting down on one knee and saying “I want you forever…or for at least the next 10 years.” You want that moment to be special AF.

Well, one out of two isn’t bad. The ladies in the picture below may have expected a few photos from passerby as they pledged their undying love to each other, but they certainly didn’t expect to become overnight sensations. And they certainly didn’t expect that the reason they’d be going viral would be because of a complete stranger just losing it over their love. No, you guys, this woman is. Losing. It.


So what’s the story here? According to Buzzfeed, which spoke to the two women getting married, they didn’t even notice the woman combusting with happiness when they were in the moment. Jessica Rodrigues (the woman doing the proposing) told the outlet that she and her girlfriend, Chelsea Miller, have been together for four years and that Rodriguez wanted to propose in a special way because her grandmother had recently passed and she realized that she wanted to “hold on to love” as much as possible. The two women were so caught up in the moment they didn’t even notice the unnamed woman at the time.

But boy, have they noticed her now. After Rodriguez’s brother posted the image to Twitter, it quickly racked up more than 87,000 retweets. And while everyone was happy for the two women celebrating their love in the middle of the Art Institute of Chicago, they were all even happier about that woman in the corner not being able to handle any of it. Because look at her! She’s ecstatic. Most people see a public proposal and think “why are these monsters taking up my time and messing with traffic?

This lady, she doesn’t care who’s getting married, she’s just so happy that love exists in the world.

Everyone’s hearts grew three sizes this day:

Even E.L. James — the woman responsible for Fifty Shades Of Grey — couldn’t help but tweet her excitement:

Let’s just hope she’s not getting any ideas here. Leave these two young ladies and our newest Ken Bone (she’s so happy, so wholesome!) alone. They don’t need to be turned into softcore erotica! (It’s probably going to happen, isn’t it?)

In any case, it’s a lovely picture. And if there’s one thing we need as we quickly hurtle into turbulence and uncertainty, it’s Jessica Rodriquez, her fiancee, and, most importantly, this beautiful goddamn angel blessing their union!