This Woman Is Posting Honest Pictures To Drop Some Real Truths About Losing A Crazy Amount Of Weight

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If there’s one thing that reality TV — The Biggest Loser, Extreme Weightloss — doesn’t show us, it’s what really happens to bodies when they drop 20, 30, or 90 pounds of fat. Sure, you may get a glimpse of loose skin here or there (although those are usually quick cutaways), but losing weight on TV is all about the final product, that’s what everyone hopes and dreams about. And unless a former contestant comes out with a book detailing how terrible the entire thing was and how much weight they’ve gained back because keeping weight off is actually very difficult, we don’t pay much attention to the aftermath of major weight loss.

Well one woman is forcing the world to pay attention. Rachel Graham, the mother of two children, has been documenting her quest for fitness since 2015. But instead of posing flattering shots that just show off the 90 pounds she’s lost, Graham’s letting the world into the less fun parts of her process, like the fact that it’s still hard to move away from slimming colors even when one is no longer overweight (your body size may change but your perception of your body takes a while to catch up) and the fact that there’s a lot of loose skin beneath all the smaller-sized clothes the now-thinner person is wearing.

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We have been together through SO much, and over the years my body has changed drastically. We started dating when I was 15, and I was in and out of the hospital for an eating disorder and other stuff related to depression. When I was unhealthy, he told me I was beautiful. Fast forward to my first pregnancy, I gained and gained and ended up not losing my pregnancy weight. I was considered obese for 6 years. My struggles with depression continued. He told me I was beautiful. That my body was beautiful, and perfect the way it was. I am now at a healthy weight, and learning to finally accept my body. To LOVE my body. Something I haven't ever really been able to do, and something that will probably be a struggle for me forever.. But one thing that hasn't changed is that HE loves my body. No matter my size, he has loved it, loved ME. Unconditionally. Genuinely. For that I am grateful. ❤️ 3 YEARS!

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