Satirical Women’s Health Cover Going Viral For Calling Out Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Last July, Chrissy Teigen stripped down for the cover of Women’s Health U.K. Now, that cover is back, and going viral once more — but it’s not what you think it is. Because this time around, it’s hand-drawn, and the headlines are somewhat different.

Posted by an artist on Imgur and featuring a sketch of Chrissy Teigen’s Women’s Health pose (made a bit more modest with a pair of denim shorts), the satirical cover features headlines such as, “Didn’t Think You Were Fat? You Are!,” “31 Things To Buy To Make Men Like You More! (Then You’ll Be Happy!),” and “Build A Sandcastle Around His C*ck”.

Compare this to a few of the actual Women’s Health headlines from July: “Eat Up + Slim Down,” “Shrink Your Sugar Belly,” and “The New Ways To Age-Proof Your Face.” If you’ve ever read any women’s magazines at all — if you’ve ever even flipped through them out of boredom and mild curiosity while waiting in the checkout line at the supermarket — you know what an incredible parody this artist has made.

The Imgur link has already been viewed nearly two million times since it was posted two days ago; the 200+ comments range from “It’s nice that Steven Tyler can still get cover stories” to “I love the women’s mags with some decadent fattening dessert slathered all over the cover while simultaneously posting workout routines.”

It’s not the only women’s magazine cover parody out there, though. There’s this gem of a rip on Cosmopolitan.

And then there’s this joke cover from satire magazine Viz.

The most recent Women’s Health parody cover is just one more example of how we’re learning to ignore the haters and embrace ourselves and our imperfect bikini bodies this year. Here’s to a change for the better in 2016!