This Street Artist Quit His Day Job To Share Words Of Inspiration With Fellow Dreamers

03.23.17 2 years ago
Photo: @Benzofosho

The anonymous street artist, Wrdsmith — a transplant from the Midwest following his dream in L.A. — jokingly calls himself a cliché. A few years ago, he was working in advertising in Chicago when he realized he just wasn’t happy. His job was creative but it wasn’t enough.

He wanted to live the dream. He wanted to be a writer.

“I decided to quit my job and move west,” he says. “My family and friends all thought I was crazy.”

Deciding he’d rather struggle financially than continue down a path that didn’t bring him happiness, Wrdsmth made the leap. And while his L.A. life has had its share of challenges, he couldn’t be happier with his choice. He’s found success in various writing fields, and most surprisingly, has become a renowned street artist.

I talked to Wrdsmith recently about his unlikely journey, how positivity drives him to inspire others, and his superhero origin story.

Photo: Aruallan
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