Watching Yesterday’s Insane Big Wave Highlights Will Leave You With Your Jaw On The Floor

The Quiksilver in Memory Of Eddie Aikau was held for the ninth time this past Thursday. To the uninformed, that may not seem like a big deal. But to the surfers of the world, to the watermen, to the Hawaiians, and to everyone who has ever seen an “Eddie would go” bumper sticker — it is a massive deal. Something to gauge all other events and accomplishments on for the coming ages.

Why is this such a big deal? The event is only held when open-ocean swells consistently reach a minimum height of 20 feet. Open-ocean swells of this height generally translate to wave faces in the bay of 30-40 feet. Big waves are no rarity on the north shore of Oahu, especially between the contest window of December 1st to the end of February. But for waves to be that big, consistently, while still holding enough shape to remain surf-able, that is a rarity.

This year, after a week of absolute communal heartbreak in the surf community, following the passing of North Shore legend and Waimea charger Brock Little, it was only fitting that Hawaiian hero John John Florence brought the title home. The 28 other participants who were elected by their peers did not disappoint though. Kelly Slater was brought to tears after pulling into a barrel the size of a semi truck, Jamie O’Brian and Shane Dorian pointed it on the biggest waves of the day, and 66 year old Clyde Aikau paddled into waves the rest of us only dream we had the balls to go on.

It’s anyones guess as to when the event will be held again. Yet if Brock Little sends half as much energy to the north shore next year (#BrockSwell), it would surely be in your best interest to tune in.