Here’s What We Know About Ronda Rousey’s Expected Hiatus From Fighting After UFC 193

Ronda Rousey has the biggest fight of her career this Saturday in Australia at UFC 193. It also happens to be the biggest fight in UFC history, with more than 60,000 people set to attend Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium to see her face off with Holly Holm. But with all that endless hype, we’ve noticed a little bit of Ronda fatigue setting in. Somewhat unsurprising since she’s fought three times in the past seven months.

Even Ronda is feeling a bit burnt out about Ronda. Her solution? She plans to take a break from the spotlight. Via Rolling Stone:

“I’m selling a product and I have to be out there; I don’t have the option not to be,” she says. “But after this fight, I’m definitely going to let some people miss me, for sure. Believe me, there’s nothing I would like to do more than disappear for a while.

“I would like to wait until UFC 200 to fight again. I’m going to be filming [movies] in the meantime, so I’m still going to be keeping busy,” she continues. “When I’m filming it’s kind of weird, I’m on camera the whole time, but nothing really goes out until a year or two later. It is kind of like disappearing in a way.”

It’s probably time. When sex advice about lubricant sets off a firestorm of criticism, the bloom is officially off the rose and it’s time to take a break. Still, you can’t say it hasn’t been an entertaining 2015 for Rousey, what with the Wrestlemania appearance, Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos, and all that. She’ll soon have time to relax a little, and by relax I mean head off to Indonesia to film Mile 22 alongside Mark Wahlberg.

For those of us who aren’t sick and tired of Ronda Rousey, don’t worry too much. UFC 200 goes down on July 9 and will probably be an even bigger deal than the record breaking UFC event coming up.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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