These Modern Cult Classics Are Available On Netflix Right Now

05.30.15 3 years ago 19 Comments

Gaumont Film

Remember the VHS tape that was passed around from locker to locker because it’s content was so groundbreaking to your teenage self? Not the ones you hid under your bed, pervs. What started out as the movies you couldn’t always find, but you just had to see have become the cult classics of today.

Being a child of the 80’s with older cousins and parents who didn’t exactly “monitor” my viewing, it is surprisingly difficult to choose the best cult classics currently available on Netflix. These are the movies many of us grew up on. These are the movies that make you a movie person and whether you’ve seen them 100 times or you’re just watching for the first time, you still have to watch it. I’m not mentally equipped to add more to The Big Lebowski conversation, but here are a few more to spark a flashback and to put to the top of your queue.

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