Level Up With These ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ Quotes

Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a movie based off of a comic book that plays out a lot like a video game. Arrested Development star Michael Cera plays the titular Scott Pilgrim, a 23-year-old circling the burnout drain. That is, until he meets Ramona Flowers. To date the literal girl of his dreams, though, Scott has to defeat each of her seven evil exes.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has become a cult classic (a consolation prize to the many who had hoped the first film would spawn into a franchise) to many thanks to the way it seamlessly blends comedy, action, sci-fi, and romance to make a film that is both true to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s source comic and an enjoyable movie for those who haven’t read the books yet. Part of the film’s charm is it’s dialogue, with many great lines porting over from the comic. Here’s a look at the best quotes from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Wallace: If you want something bad, you have to fight for it. Step up your game, Scott. Break out the L word.

Scott: Lesbians?

Scott Pilgrim’s biggest problem was that he didn’t want to grow up. Part of doing that would require him to be honest about his feelings. So, his roommate Wallace was there for a much-needed pep talk. Or maybe he was just trying to get Scott to watch the Showtime series, The L Word.

“Because I’m in lesbians with you. I really, really mean it.” – Scott

And the lesson sticks! Well, sort of. Scott’s able to confess his true feelings concerning “the L word” to Ramona. She’s as confused as you’d expect, but she just goes with the flow.

“Chicken isn’t vegan?” – Todd Ingram

If being vegan gave you super powers, I’d eat lettuce and drink soy milk for the rest of my life. Luckily that isn’t the case. So I’ll continue to enjoy these hot wings. Unfortunately for Todd, Chicken Parmesan isn’t included in a vegan diet. Gelato isn’t, either. “Milk and eggs, b*tch.”

“No vegan diet, NO VEGAN POWERS!” — Officer John Punnisherman of the Vegan Police (Probably)

What is a society without rules?

“If I peed my pants would you pretend that I just got wet from the rain?” – Scott

That’s something only your true love would do. The only problem for Scott is that it wasn’t raining.

“Is that girl a boy too?” – Wallace

Look, if your band is going to go by a name like “Crash and the Boys,” you have two options: A.) Live in the 1950s and only let guys join or B.) Change the name. Because Wallace Wells, the king of sass, will always be there to call you out on it.

“You once were a ve-gone, but now you will be gone. – Scott

Scott is the best fighter in the entire province. But his post-battle catchphrases leave a lot to be desired.

“I gotta pee on her!… I mean, I gotta pee. Pee time.” – Scott

No, Scott isn’t channeling his inner (“alleged”) R. Kelly or doing a Dave Chappelle impression. This is just a glance into what goes on in our minds when we don’t know what to say, so we say something really, really stupid instead.

“The only thing keeping me and her apart is the two minutes it’s gonna take to kick your ass.” – Lucas Lee

Not only did Scott Pilgrim headbutt Superman into oblivion, but he also sent Captain America flying towards his doom. Lucas was probably the most likable of Ramona’s evil exes, but that might be the Chris Evans effect more than anything else.

“You made me swallow my gum! That’s going to be in my digestive tract for seven years!” – Gideon

Remember when you were a kid and someone dared you to swallow gum? Well, it may still be somewhere in your digestive tract (not really, but feel free to look into it if you’re concerned). So now Gideon has more than enough reason to seek revenge, because, you know, he really didn’t before.

“You broke the heart that broke mine.” – Knives

Ah, misguided teenage infatuation. When emotions take over and logic completely leaves the equation. Somehow, Knives Chau convinced herself that Scott’s emotional well-being was solely her responsibility.

“You punched me in the boob. Prepare to die, obviously!” – Roxy

Thought you were raised better than that, bro.

“Wallace? Again?” – Stacey

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is about Scott winning Ramona’s heart while also getting rid of the competition. But while he’s doing that, Wallace is winning the attention of every unsuspecting man he can. His having stolen Stacey’s boyfriend is even funnier when you later see Wallace, Jimmy, (Other) Scott and Scott all in the same bed.