‘Da 5 Bloods’ Was Ignored By The Golden Globes, Despite Spike Lee’s Kids Being This Year’s Ambassadors

Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods was one of the best movies of 2020, with fantastic performances from Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, and Chadwick Boseman and a searing screenplay from Lee, among others. But it wasn’t nominated for a single Golden Globe. That, in and of itself, isn’t noteworthy, as the Globes are chaos defined (Emily in Paris??? But no I May Destroy You???), but Da 5 Bloods getting snubbed is worth pointing out considering Lee’s kids are this year’s Golden Globes ambassadors.


As the Associated Press reported, “Satchel and Jackson Lee will assume the ambassador roles for the 78th annual Golden Globes Awards… Satchel, 26, and Jackson, 23, are the first siblings of color to hold the position. Jackson is the first Black male ambassador.” Satchel, the creative director for “queer/feminist/intersectional arts and culture magazine” DRØME, said that she is “proud to carry our father’s legacy of storytelling to bring attention to communities close to our hearts,” but it’s still going to be awkward for the kids to hand a trophy to Jared Leto instead of anyone in their dad’s film.

The Golden Globes ignoring Da 5 Bloods shouldn’t hurt its Oscars chances, however. The Netflix drama was named Best Film, Best Director, and Best Ensemble by the National Board of Review; it also appeared on the American Film Institute’s top-10 list for 2020. Neither organization nominated The Prom star James Corden for Best Actor, so they should be taken more seriously than the Globes.

You can see the full list of Golden Globes nominations here.