Let’s Celebrate Jennifer Lawrence With These Obscure Facts

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We all love Jennifer Lawrence. I do, you do, your grandma does, your friend’s dog does. It’s hard to believe she’s only been in the spotlight for a few years and that she’s just 24-years-old. Truly, J-Law’s reign is only just beginning, and because of that, we all really should do more to learn a few fascinating facts about the Oscar winner.

She plays hard.

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Jennifer has always seemed like she’d be happy to hang with the boys, and it turns out that in pre-school, that was her only option. The Hunger Games star was apparently too rough with the other girls in her class, and was forbidden from playing with them.

She talks. A lot.

Staying with the school theme, in 7th grade, Jen was given another superlative: Most talkative. Seems like that one has stayed with her through the years.

Her first gig was playing a spoiled brat.

The first job Jennifer booked was a promo ad for MTV’s reality show My Super Sweet 16. Thankfully, Ms. Lawrence is nothing like this in real life. She’s just really good at her job.

She is not to be trifled with.

For the film Winter’s Bone, Lawrence wound up actually killing and skinning a squirrel in the film. Sorry PETA.
She initially turned down The Hunger Games.

When Jennifer was offered the part of Katniss Everdeen, she turned it down. Three days later, however, Jen said yes thanks to a talk with her Mom. Millions of fans (and one studio) are very happy that she did.

She was almost in Superbad.

J-Law could have been on our radar years earlier if the makers of Superbad had decided to cast her in the role of Jules. Instead, they wound up casting somebody else. I have a feeling Jonah Hill wouldn’t have complained either way.

She played a mascot on Monk. 

No word on if she was the one in the suit for the entire episode, or if they just swapped out some poor bastard for the one shot that required a human face.

She’s a pop star.

Lawrence wouldn’t stop saying that she couldn’t sing, but the song she performs in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 still went on to become a hit, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. She really can do it all.

Bonus: Apparently, she knows how to hire a bodyguard that the internet will loudly approve of as well.