These Amazing Vocalists Somehow Make The Scores Of John Williams Even Better

We, as a people, are kinda nostalgic. I mean, sure, there has been a bit of an uprising over the new Ghostbusters movie, but why is that? Why was the movie even remade? Because people love to remember those awesome, life-defining moments from films that help to frame different parts of our lives. But it’s safe to say that a lot of us have fond memories of Star Wars, Harry Potter, E.T. and a lot of films that used the classic scores of John Williams.

Still, I bet that you never thought you’d be sitting here, watching a video of the group Voctave performing an a cappella version of these classic scores, right? When most of us think of a cappella we tend to think of things that are kind of nerdy, like for example, Andy Bernard from The Office and his weird obsession with thinking that a cappella is really cool. Or, if you are old like me, you might imagine the weird band of goobers from Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego, Rockapella.

Yet this is an a cappella group that wants to hit you in the feels by reminding you of the awesome scores from Superman, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and more. So go ahead and enjoy this medley and let it bring you back to your favorite moments from these classic films.