A ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Series Is Maybe Definitely Coming To Netflix, According To Sources

Although Netflix has yet to comment, unnamed sources have revealed to E! News that the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix miniseries that we mentioned last spring is 100%, definitely, without a doubt on the horizon — with production slated to begin in January. No update on whether the series will still consist of a prequel set two months before the series of events of the original movie, as David Wain hinted back in June, but I can’t imagine the game plan could have changed all that much in the past six months.

Also no word on whom of the original cast, including Paul Rudd, Amy Poeher, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, and like, half of the cast of The State are set to return, but if they are indeed going the prequel route, I would have to imagine most if not all will be coming back. And anyway, what’s that Bradley Cooper guy even doing these days? It’s not like he doesn’t have plenty of time on his hands.