The ‘After The Bite’ Trailer Wants Humankind To Learn Humility In The Face Of Nature (And Sharks)

At exactly the same moment in the After The Bite trailer where it’s natural to think, “Oh, right. Like Jaws,” a voice jumps in to remind you that it’s frivolous to get distracted by the Jaws-iness of the situation.

The documentary from director Ivy Meeropol chronicles the aftermath of a deadly shark attack, listening to the voices of the community, and extrapolating out to the bigger climate picture of why so many sharks are in the waters in the first place.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“A 2018 fatal shark attack on a boogie boarder in the town of Wellfleet, Massachusetts rocked visitors and residents in the idyllic summer community of Cape Cod, forcing them to respond to the encroachment of apex predators. With the numbers of sharks increasing every year, After The Bite explores the far-reaching repercussions for this beach community when rapid changes in the natural world begin to clash with a cherished way of life.

After The Bite is a deep dive into how one coastal community is renegotiating their relationship with our rapidly changing environment. The changes are numerous: warmer waters, species interacting where they never had before, along with the rapidly increasing numbers of the shark’s favorite prey, the North Atlantic gray seal, whose population has rebounded since seals were protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972.”

With perspectives from lifeguards, conservationists, fishermen, journalists, paramedics, town residents, activists, and scientists, the documentary has every sharp angle covered.

After The Bite hits Max July 26th. Just in time to make us rethink our summer choices.