‘The Daily Show’ Does The Unthinkable By Imagining A World Where Al Roker Is The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix might be diverting from the Joker controversies with uncomfortable interviews that likely revolve around a fake clip, there’s another means of distraction out there from The Daily Show. This clip might not necessarily be enjoyable to witness, but at least it’s not nefarious (we hope) and won’t leave you feeling “gross and numb,” which might be an effect felt by Joker Thursday preview audience. However, Al Roker — yes, the beloved national weatherman and jolly TODAY show mainstay — has now been envisioned as the Joker by The Daily Show.

I know, you really don’t want to watch this. Neither did I, but it’s not awful! Maybe this will be the real antidote to grimness and grittiness of the Todd Phillips movie because it’s not hard to imagine that maybe (just maybe) Al Roker doesn’t enjoy his co-stars’ antics as much as he pretends to while on air. Is he silently screaming inside despite putting on a happy face? Perhaps.

Above, watch Roker lose his patience and start punching a malfunctioning electronic device and wildly save his arms in the midst of a report. If we’re not careful, this guy will be driven to do his job and predict the weather. And that doll at the end? It’s no joke.

Joker officially arrives in theaters on October 4, and you can catch Roker each weekday morning by squinting and turning on NBC.