Celebs And Fans Are Offering Loving Tribute To Alan Arkin After The News Of His Passing

Today we learned that veteran actor Alan Arkin has passed away at the age of 89. It’s strange to think of Arkin as the “Oscar winner from Little Miss Sunshine.” Yes, he was that, but his Oscar win came unforgivably late in his career (he should have won for The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) and that career spanned 60+ years of unforgettable performances. He was cool as hell, and bedraggled. Hilarious with the ability to make you burst into tears. The only person with his range that comes to mind is Robin Williams — two diametrically opposed personas where one is remembered most for manic glee and the other for rough-edged heart, even though both were more than capable of both.

For those looking to dig beyond his later-in-life roles, The New York Times has an excellent chronicle from his Tony-winning start through to his crotchety grandpa status.

After Arkin’s death, celebrities and fans have shown their appreciation by telling stories and sharing favorite clips. The list of celebs includes Rob Reiner, Natasha Lyonne, John Cusack, Paul Reiser, Michael McKean, Patton Oswalt, and Frank Oz, who described Arkin as “An extraordinary, undefinable talent & unique human-being-mensch.”

Speaking of Oz, Muppet History offered some of the best pics of Arkin interacting with Muppets:

Michael “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!” Buffer also shared a culture-breaking photograph of Arkin, Sylvester Stallone, and Robert DeNiro on the set of Grudge Match.

Naturally, fans shared some favorite scenes and movie moments. Serpentine your way through them.

That includes an appreciation from BoJack Horseman writer Alison Flierl for Arkin’s short-but-instantly-memorable voice performance:

And Paste Movies Editor Jacob Oller shared some absolutely wild Arkin trivia:

No matter how you’re honoring this acting titan, enjoy bursting into tears for the rest of the day: