Alan Tudyk Wants K-2SO To Be In The Han Solo Movie

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It was actually refreshing to talk to a star of a Star Wars movie three months after its release – which, in this case, is Alan Tudyk, who played wiseacre former Imperial droid turned Rebel hero, K-2SO – because, finally, we don’t don’t have to be worried about the dreaded spoiler. (And, yes, there are many Rogue One spoilers ahead if that’s something you’re still worried about.)

In fact the first words out of Tudyk’s mouth is, “everyone dies” – almost as if he’s been wanting to get this off his chest since he first started talking about Rogue One back in December. (Rogue One will be available on digital platforms on March 24 and Blu-ray on April 4.)

Ahead, yes, Tudyk talks about how everyone dies; the legacy of K-2SO as the popular, funny droid who dies in his first movie; what he remembers about the scenes he was in that never made the film; and he’s very adamant that he’d like to be in the new Han Solo movie.

We don’t have to worry about spoilers now.

Everybody dies.

Look at you go.

Everybody just totally dies.

Honestly, this is better than having to worry about spoilers.

Yes, absolutely. It was something that I know a lot of us were worrying about as we went in. Just from shooting the movie, from finishing shooting until it was released – that hopefully people wouldn’t start talking about it, it wouldn’t leak and become a big deal. Because it is such a great surprise in the movie to watch all the people you’ve met and are enjoying – it’s against all odds. It’s a big Star Wars thing. Can we do it? I say we go! Let’s do it! We are strong! We are mighty! And then we all die. [Laughs.]

The more I think about it, it is really bold to make a franchise movie and literally kill off everyone. And especially your character, he could have been around forever.

Killed off the cash cow. Oh my God! That is so un-Disney! I’m with you.

When you first read this, were you like, “You don’t see that every day”?

Yeah, I love that about it. I mean, I’d love to be in as many Star Wars movies as they make – which is a lot, it seems like, but I think it’s also really cool. It’s a very heroic death, and sad. I mean, all the things you want from a death! You know, he gets to say goodbye. “Goodbye.” I mean, it’s beautiful. It tugs at your heartstrings. He helps the cause. He gets a gun, finally. He kills a bunch of Stormtroopers. It’s a great, it’s a very heroic death. So I was happy. If I was the only one who was still alive, I’d feel, I don’t know, it would feel like a cheat.

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