Emma Thompson And Emma Watson Had The Best Night Of Their Lives At The Adele Concert

As part of the promotional campaign for her stunning new album Billboard-topping album, 30, Adele hosted a TV concert special, An Audience with Adele, where she told stories, sang, and made two British ladies with the first name Emma lose their minds.

Here is Emma Thompson imploring the crowd to get up and dance:

And here is Emma Watson taking her advice:

Dance like no one is watching, even if millions of people are watching on ITV.

The crowd at An Audience with Adele included “friends, family, fans, her own personal heroes and heroines, fellow musicians, artists, actors, sportsmen, sportswomen, and more,” but of all the famous people in attendance, the one Adele most wants to collaborate with is Daniel Kaluuya. “Obviously I’m not an actress, but I just think that you are the greatest actor. I really, really do. I am mesmerized by you and your work,” she said. The Oscar-nominated Get Out star is a great choice (and his reaction was priceless), but after seeing all the videos of Emma Thompson living her best Live, Love, Laugh, And Sing and Dance to Adele life, she may want to change her answer.

An Audience with Adele unfortunately won’t air in the United States, but luckily clips of the Emmas are all over Twitter.