Adele’s ’30’ Is Out Now And Fans Are Absolutely In Love With Her ‘Woman Like Me’ Diss Track

At long last, Adele’s new album 30 is out now. Naturally, given how long fans have been waiting for this project, people are really talking about it this morning, so much so that it’s the top-trending topic on Twitter as of this post. A lot of the conversation is about “Woman Like Me,” an album highlight that sees Adele in diss track mode.

Adele recently spoke about the track with Rolling Stone, who called it “a diss song through and through.” Adele revealed the track was about a relationship she had after her divorce and said, “Even though I’m directing all the things I’m saying at someone else, they’re also things I’ve learned on this journey. The storyline of what I’m saying, I wouldn’t have been able to write before because it was something that I was experiencing myself.”

She sings on the chorus, “Complacency is the worst trait to have, are you crazy? / You ain’t never had, ain’t never had a woman like me / It is so sad a man like you could be so lazy / Consistency is the gift to give for free and it is key / to ever keep, to ever keep a woman like me.”

Reactions to the track were bountiful, with one person summarizing a common sentiment by calling the song “the best yet classiest diss track we’ll see this decade.”

Listen to “Woman Like Me” above and check out some reactions below.

30 is out now via Columbia. Get it here.