Former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Will Go Synthetic In The Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Android’

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Sometimes Bond girls don’t go on to do a whole lot after their tryst with 007, but Olga Kurylenko has continued to do good work following her role in Quantum of Solace, starring in movies like Seven Psychopaths, Oblivion and the pretty good Bond pastiche, The November Man. Well, Kurylenko’s career will be taking another sci-fi turn, as her next movie will be the “intense sci-fi thriller” Android.

Android takes place on a spaceship orbiting Neptune. After a man’s wife (played by Kurylenko) dies, he transfers her consciousness to an android body. Unfortunately, the other androids on the ship, are all like “Beep boop, why are you treating that android like a person, and not us?” I’m guessing things don’t go well from there, because really, there’s nothing worse than a jealous android.

The movie will be written by Matt O’Reilly and directed by Niall Johnson, who up until now has mostly helmed wacky British comedies, so I suppose we’ll see how this turns out.

But hey, they certainly have an attractive android in Kurylenko, and the movie’s premise is basically “Ex Machina in space,” so if we get some anti-gravity dance scenes, I think Android might have a chance.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)