Anne Hathaway Took That ‘Trainwreck’ Joke About Her In Stride And Predicted An Oscar For Amy Schumer

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If you’re one of the many people who saw Trainwreck this weekend, you probably caught the joke about Anne Hathaway that Amy Schumer’s character made; when Bill Hader’s character won an award, she joked that Hader was carrying the award around wherever he went like Anne Hathaway at the Oscars. Well, Hathaway was one of those moviegoers, and she was not only not bothered by the joke, but she said that Schumer would probably do the same thing when she won an Oscar for her work on this movie. Here is her post on Facebook, along with her movie stub:

Schumer responded that her director Judd Apatow put her up to the joke:

Apatow, for his part, stands by it.

So, the relentlessly mocked Hathaway watched herself be mocked in a successful movie, and then predicted that the woman who mocked her was so awesome that she would win an Oscar. I hope this officially signals the end of the backlash against Hathaway, a talented woman who’s the classiest of class acts. I can’t help but think that when Schumer saw this message, she looked into the big, starry sky and said, “It came true!” I know that’s exactly what I would say if Anne Hathaway said I’d win an Oscar.

Way to slay, Hathaway.

Source: Vulture