The ‘Aporia’ Trailer Promises A New Twist On Time Travel And Grief With Judy Greer

Awash in the multiverse where the past is a plaything, and super-characters can return at a moment’s notice, Aporia attempts to offer something more in line with the Primer vein. Written and directed by Jared Moshe, the film stars Uproxx favorite Judy Greer as a grieving widow struggling through the weight of that pain, the need to keep pushing forward with life, and the parental responsibility of not collapsing so her daughter doesn’t lose a second parent. She’s hurting, but a physicist with a top-secret time machine (is there any other kind?) offers her a devil’s bargain to change her life. To set things right?

Basically, she’s The Flash.

Or, maybe The Flash would have been better if Judy Greer starred in it. That may be the lesson here.

Aporia also stars Edi Gathegi (House fans rejoice!) and Payman Maadi from A Separation. There’s some humble indie cred here in what looks like a twisty thriller about impossible choices and the natural pull of being able to alter reality to our liking. Making those changes always comes with a cost in films like this, and Aporia promises to deliver something new (and…maybe devastating?).

The film also offers us a fun language lesson as “aporia” means a state of puzzlement or an expression of doubt. Aporia (the movie, not the spelling bee prompt) hits select theaters on August 11th.