‘Assassin’s Creed’ Shows Off Both Practical Effects And A Major Spoiler In A New Video

We already knew that the film version of Assassin’s Creed was dedicated to being as realistic as possible, with breathtaking stunts and dialogue in period-correct Spanish. But this featurette gets into just how dedicated they were, behind the scenes, to avoiding CGI, and it’s a fun watch. And also one that drops a major spoiler, provided you know the video games and their lore. Read below at your own risk!

Most of the clip shows off the wirework and it’s clear that the team worked extremely hard on this. We see all sorts of wire-assisted stunts and fight choreography, all of which is pretty neat, amid talk of how they wanted to shoot on location and avoid doing green-screen as much as they could. We also get a few new fight and stunt clips, all of which are very, very pretty. Finally, towards the end, there’s this quick shot:

Yes, that’s an Apple of Eden. Game fans are probably freaking out, but for non-players, here’s a little backstory: Most of the games involve the Assassins and Templars fighting for control over Pieces of Eden, relics of an ancient civilization that are basically superpowered Swiss Army knives. They can control minds, project images, and so on. Just how the movie will get into the game’s strange, New-Agey backstory without weirding out audiences is an excellent question, but it’s nice to see they’re embracing that weirdness full-on. We’ll see just how far they go December 21st.

(via YouTube)