Aubrey Plaza Celebrated Her Birthday With A Mini ‘Parks And Recreation’ Reunion

According to the marketing for her upcoming film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Aubrey Plaza is a bit of a party animal. Yet the celebration sprung on Plaza by former Parks and Recreation cast members Retta and Chris Pratt during a recording for Anna Faris’ Unqualified podcast was far tamer than what the trailers suggest. Which is weird, because this is the same person who famously posed for a picture with pre-presidential candidate Donald Trump at New York’s now defunct FAO Schwarz. If you’re willing to dress up as “Noddy the Elf” and take photos with the Donald, then partying is probably second nature to you.

Then again, what Faris and company captured was far better for Parks and Recreation fans, as it involved Retta, Pratt, Faris and everyone else in attendance singing “Happy Birthday” to the 32-year-old actress. Retta added a brief rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” to the mix, while Unqualified producer Sim Sarna offered an EDM-seque instrumental backing courtesy of his smart phone.

There were also lots and lots of cupcakes adorned with candles. Lit candles, that is, which were placed in the trusting hands of the man who wrote an ode to Jean Claude Van Damme. (Yeah, we’re pretty sure Pratt and Dwyer are the same person.) Thankfully, nothing went up in flames. Plus, Good Guy Pratt also managed to give a shout out to fellow Parks and Recreation star and birthday-haver Nick Offerman.

Offerman and Plaza did the same on Twitter, as only a loving pair of demon hell spawn would do:

(Via BuzzFeed)