Awkwafina And Michelle Yeoh Are In Talks To Reunite For The Directors of ‘Swiss Army Man’

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Michelle Yeoh and Awkwafina barely got to say hi to each other in Crazy Rich Asians, but that mistake is about to be corrected. Two of the brightest stars in the number one movie in America for two consecutive weekends are in talks to team up, and for two of the craziest directors currently working.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yeoh and Awkwafina are in talks to headline Everything Everywhere at Once, from the directors of Swiss Army Man, otherwise known as the 2016 indie in which Daniel Radcliffe played a farting corpse.

In Crazy Rich Asians, rapper-actress Awkwafina stole all her scenes as Peik Lin, longtime friend of our hero, Constance Wu’s Rachel, who’s dating handsome Nick Young (Henry Golding) and has been flown off to Singapore to meet his absurdly rich family. Yeoh, the legend of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and current Star Trek: Discovery co-star, plays Nick’s fearsome mother Eleanor, who’s convinced Rachel, merely an NYU economics professor, is too Plain Jane for her well-bred son.

In their next film together, Awkwafina and Yeoh will reportedly find themselves in a very different cinematic universe. With Swiss Army Man, directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan — who like to simply go by “The Daniels” — not only took a crazy premise in even crazier directions, but they also used their actors like props.

In Swiss Army Man, for example, an extremely game Radcliffe played a dead body that mysteriously comes back to a sort of life when he meets a sadsack young man (Paul Dano) stranded on a desert island. The former Harry Potter let his body be used as a boat, as a gun, as a water spigot, and many other things besides.

Everything Everywhere at Once is being described by Hollywood Reporter as an “interdimensional action film,” and who knows what the Daniels have planned for Yeoh and Awkwafina. Then again, the two will probably be seeing a lot of each other since the makers of Crazy Rich Asians want to turn it into the next, you guessed it, Harry Potter,