Cringe Your Way Through This Supercut Of The Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews Ever

There’s nothing quite like a press junket to bring out the worst in people. Interviewers often forget their manners on a quest for clickbait, or celebrities decide to act like jerks who are above the process. Either way, there are a lot of volatile powers at play, and that often results in peak awkwardness. It’s like a car crash: it’s horrifying to watch, but you cannot tear your eyes away. Sure, your office job may feel a bit mundane at times, but at least the awkward situations are on a much smaller scale.

The people over at World Wide Interweb decided to remind viewers of some of the most awkward celebrity interviews with an ultimate supercut. Ranging from classic meltdowns like Jerry Seinfeld on Larry King Live and Tom Cruise’s couch-jumping Oprah interview to more recent disasters like Amy Schumer’s run-in with some awful Australian hosts, watching this video will definitely be the most uncomfortable thing you do all day. While everyone entertains the idea of fame every once in a while, these interviews will probably make you thankful for your anonymity, because no one really wants to be asked about their past drug addiction in a very public forum.

(Via World Wide Interweb)