Aziz Ansari Pulled Back The Curtain To Tyrese’s Insane Private Backyard ‘Benihana’ Setup, ‘GibsiHana’

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01.25.16 4 Comments

A little backstory, here: Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, actor, author, producer, and former model Tyrese Gibson likes the restaurant “Benihana” so much that he had one built into his backyard, which he named GibsiHana. Obviously. What else would any hibachi-loving person with buckets of spare money lying around do? GibsiHana even has its own Facebook page, despite not even remotely being accessible to the general public.

At any rate, nearly three years ago, Aziz Ansari was made aware of this fact, and it immediately became his life dream to someday dine at GibsiHana:

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