The Cast Of ‘Batman V Superman’ Do Their Best Batman Voice On ‘Graham Norton’

The Graham Norton show is always good for some hilarious riffs, whether it’s planned or unplanned banter on the big red couch. Sometimes the jokes come from the way that guests from all different areas of entertainment interact with each other, but sometimes it’s a single film’s cast getting together and goofing off that results in the best moments on the British late night talk show. This week, the cast of latest superhero blockbuster Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice stopped by the couch to chat about the film. While they were there Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, and Henry Cavill had some fun and did their best Batman impressions.

As Affleck was quick to point out, he had the luxury of using an electronically enhanced voice when he was in the Bat Suit, instead of having to stress his vocal chords like previous Dark Knight actor Christian Bale. With that in mind, Graham supplied a microphone that does the voice automatically and asked the cast to do their best impressions. Whereas Affleck had some fun with it and pretended to order a pizza (apparently Batman’s a Pepsi lover), Henry Cavill enjoyed the role swap a little bit more when he decided to make Batman “confess” to being in love with Superman. Now that’s a movie that should be made. Sorry Lois Lane, there’s a new Clark Kent love interest in town.

If Batman and Superman ever got together in the film’s universe, at least we know they would be great dads. Affleck also told a story about his son getting the greatest superhero birthday party ever. Getting cast as Batman pays dividends long after that paycheck, it seems. So even if you don’t really care about the outcome of the movie’s main fight, you can probably appreciate the cast having a good time while making the talk show rounds.

(via The Graham Norton Show)