Benjamin Dickinson And Reggie Watts Discuss The Frighteningly Plausible Future Of ‘Creative Control’

In the near future we will be wearing stylish glasses from Augmenta. The glasses will augment our reality, allowing us to know as much as possible about the people we interact with, as well as giving us the power to multitask between email, internet surfing, avatar creation, video chat, and general web stalking with more ease than we previously imagined. Such is the world of the sci-fi film Creative Control, the second feature from director Benjamin Dickinson. Dickinson also plays main character David, an ad executive in New York testing out the Augmenta glasses in order to create the company’s ad campaign in collaboration with Reggie Watts, who plays some version of himself.

The film delves into the various ways technological inventions and advancements can turn against us, or magnify aspects of ourselves that we wish had been kept minuscule characteristics. David eventually uses Augmenta to create the ultimate augmented reality fantasy with his best friend’s (Dan Gill) girlfriend (Alexia Rasmussen). The all-too-real delusion ultimately puts his real life relationships with his girlfriend and best friend on sour footing. With Watts testing out the product as well, the film delves into the myriad of ways that one technological advancement can be used for both selfish desire and selfless wonderment.

I met with Dickinson and Watts to discuss the film and how close we really are to Creative Control‘s version of augmented reality.

Reggie Watts: I’m getting too old. I’m not going to be able to make movies for much longer.

How old are you?

Watts: 43.

Oh, you have so much life left, it seems. Maybe.

Watts: Maybe. Maybe five more years, or something like that. Then I’m just going to retire and that’s it. [Laughs.]

What are you going to do when you retire?

Watts: I’m going to build a huge sound stage in Great Falls, Montana and just make really weird movies.