The Best Christmas Movies For Adults You Can Stream Right Now

New Line

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … unless you’re already burnt out on Christmas cheer and holiday movies “the whole family can enjoy.”

We can’t help with the in-laws, the stress shopping, or the empty bank accounts, but we do have a fix if you’re looking to spice up your binge-watching plans. We’ve sifted through all the sugary-sweet, wholesome options that normally dominate the seasonal fare to find some real diamonds in the rough, or rough diamonds, whatever. These movies still have plenty of Christmas spirit, but they also have regular spirits — we’re talking booze, bad-decision-making caused by booze, boozy Santa impersonators, liquor store shootouts, you get the idea. They’re hilarious, their seasonally appropriate, and they’re not for kids.

Here are the best Christmas movies for adults you can stream right now.