‘You Guys Know How To Pole Vault?’ And Other Ridiculous Lines From ‘Tremors’

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01.20.15 28 Comments
tremors quotable lines


This week marks the 25th anniversary of the theatrical release of Tremors, the ultimate monster movie throwback featuring giant subterranean worms and a post-Footloose Kevin Bacon. From an overabundance of the word “goddamn” to all the witty banter between a bunch of rural Nevadans, take a moment to remember and re-live the film’s finest dialogue. Just a bit of advice — don’t use #4 as a pickup line under any circumstances, whatsoever.

1. “That’s how they get you. They’re under the goddamn ground!”

2. “Must be a million of them!” “Nope, just one.”

camping in the desert sucks


3. “F*ck you!”

4. “Hey check this out — I found the ass end!”

tremors quotable lines 3


5. “You guys know how to pole vault?”

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