Bill Murray Is Confirmed For A Cameo In Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

It would seem that most of the original gang will be back together for the upcoming reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise. Paul Feig has already noted that there will be no real connection to the original films, but the original cast seem to jumping at the chance to make an appearance. First we had confirmation of Dan Aykroyd’s involvement with the film and now the impossible has seemingly happened: Bill Murray is finally committed to a Ghostbusters movie.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news, noting that the appearance would likely just be a cameo, so it remains to be seen if Murray will have some sort of memorable appearance or just a one off gag with the other original Ghostbusters. My money is on them playing ghosts of some sort, something that Murray seems to have wanted to do in Ghostbusters 3 for the longest time, but who knows.

He’d also make a wonderful mayor of New York (or some Walter Peck sorta role, letting Ernie Hudson be the mayor). No matter the role, it would seem that Murray has finally decided to put aside his issues with the franchise and return.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)