The ‘Billion Dollar Heist’ Trailer Is A Good Reminder To Do Your Work’s Dumb Cyber Security Training

This trailer for Billion Dollar Heist might make you think twice about deleting that office reminder to do your cyber security training. Or, it’ll have no effect because it’s not like it’s your money, anyway.

Still, it’s a ton of money.

In February 2016, hackers sent instructions to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to transfer a billion dollars out of an account owned by Bangladesh Bank. It was the bold culmination of a months-long plan to infiltrate, lie in wait, and try to syphon the largest amount of money ever stolen from a bank. Naturally, it was all done using computers.

Complete with a dire, threatening voiceover, the documentary Billion Dollar Bank Heist tells the tale of the hack and the implications for all of our lives.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Global, dynamic, and eye-opening, Billion Dollar Bank Heist tells the story of the most daring cyber heist of all time, the Bangladeshi Central Bank theft. This feature documentary traces the origins of cyber-crime from basic credit card fraud to the wildly complex criminal organizations in existence today, supported by commentary and fascinating insight from highly regarded cyber security experts such as Eric Chien, Mikko Hypponen, Keith Mularski and renowned journalist, broadcaster and best-selling author of McMafia (which was adapted into a BBC One television series), Misha Glenny. A tale of epic proportions, Billion Dollar Bank Heist shows how the key players on both sides of the law are embroiled in a global game of cat-and-mouse – with our money and security on the line.”

Billion Dollar Bank Heist is available to rent and own starting August 15th, and if you want to get a jump on it, there’s a truly excellent episode of Darknet Diaries that covers some of the key elements.