The Spider-Man Reboot Will Supposedly Star Billy Zane And Jason Biggs

I normally tell you to take rumors with a grain of salt, but I refuse to believe this rumor is anything other than Marvel trolling us. Seriously. Marvel is seeing an opportunity to rile up the nerds and they’re taking it. Because they cannot seriously be considering casting Billy Zane and Jason Biggs as Spider-Man villains.

Oh, it gets better, because they’re not playing the kind of back-benchers casting f*ckin’ Larry would indicate. Supposedly, Zane will be playing the Vulture, and Biggs will be playing the Scorpion, which is almost as bad as the supposed costume concepts floating around. Granted, there are parts of this rumor, which is literally just a photo of a Word doc, that I desperately want to be true. Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson? Iron Man just randomly showing up? Please, to both.

That said, I do not buy this for one minute, and I suggest you do not do so, either. But let’s all just sit and imagine a man whose greatest film success came from pie humping, stuffed into a cybernetic scorpion suit. Or maybe they’re making this movie as if it came out in 1999?

(Via Latino-Review)