Villains Threaten Bob Odenkirk With Paper Cuts In A Very Private Place In The ‘Girlfriend’s Day’ Trailer

Not long after the fantastic W/ Bob & David premiered exclusively on Netflix in November 2015, the streaming service announced a series of distribution deals for up and coming independent movies. Among the announced titles was a rather strange-sounding film called Girlfriend’s Day, in which the “Bob” of W/ Bob & David — otherwise known as Bob Odenkirk — plays “a down-on-his-luck greeting card writer who attempts to clear his name after he’s framed for murder.” Of course, any good news for the Better Call Saul actor is just good news all around really, but aside from that initial blip a little over a year ago, little has been seen of heard from this so-called Girlfriend’s Day.

Until today, as Netflix dropped the first trailer for the dark comedy noir with a beautiful poem just in time for its scheduled release on Tuesday, February 14th. You know, Valentine’s Day…

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Write a card too clever,
And someone might kill you!

Along with Odenkirk’s Ray Wentworth — “once a king of the wordsmith world, and now a down-on-his-luck romance card writer” — Girlfriend’s Day stars Amber Tamblyn, Natasha Lyonne, Ed Begley Jr., Stacy Keach, Rich Sommer, June Diane Raphael, Andy Richter, Stephanie Courtney, Toby Huss, Stephen Michael Quezada, Derek Waters, and Echo Kellum. Directed by Troll 2 actor Michael Stephenson, the movie will follow Wentworth in his “effort to recapture the feelings that once made him the greatest.”

Unfortunately for him and his “pee hole,” however, this means the film’s anti-hero of sorts will have to stomach a damaged tendon, several punches to the face and other extremities, and a torture session involving paper cuts. Ouch.