Brad Pitt Claims He’s Going To ‘Abstain’ From Any Oscar Campaigning This Year

Between the forthcoming Ad Astra and the celebrated Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, actor Brad Pitt has put in several good performances this year. What’s more, these two particular films, in particular, have critics and industry insiders talking about the 55-year-old performer’s chances at getting some Oscar gold at next year’s ceremony. The thing is, Pitt has been talking about the prospect of his retiring from acting in recent interviews, and his latest with Entertainment Weekly is no different.

For not only is Pitt considering getting out of the acting game altogether (to do other things), but he’s also not interested in campaigning for Oscar nominations for either Ad Astra or Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Or, at least that’s what he’s claiming to EW. “Oh, man. I’m gonna abstain,” he told the trade magazine of his participating in the likely media blitz for both films (and his performances in them):

“I mean, you never know, and it’s really nice when your number comes up. But the goal is for the film to land, to speak to someone whether it’s now or a decade from now. I find chasing it actually a disservice to the purity of your telling a story, and a shackling thing to focus on.”

This doesn’t mean that Pitt won’t be nominated, of course. Nor, for that matter, does it necessarily mean that he’s actually going to “abstain” from doing any press to promote either film. Maybe he’ll just be using his name, image, and voice to promote the films themselves — as opposed to himself.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)