The ‘Bridget Jones’ Threequel Shared A First Image, And Awww Man, It Totally Works

When Working Title announced the third movie in the Bridget Jones’s Diary franchise, some of y’all were in diapers. It sure feels that way, but time flies in the rom-com world. Hollywood certainly hasn’t produced many movies that have succeeded in the same way as the original film. The second movie happened to destroy that vibe, yet film studios can’t resist mining sequels for all they’re worth. Over the years, word slipped that Renee Zellweger declined to gain Bridget pounds for a third time, so she would wear a fat suit. Such trickery would be permissible so long as a decent script came with it.

Filming finally (and quietly) commenced on the third film, which will not be based upon the critically panned third book. Hugh Grant doesn’t appear to be back for this installment, but Colin Firth is a go, as is Patrick Dempsey. The threequel’s title will be Bridget Jones’s Baby, and nostalgia may be enough to let this movie float on a sea of goodwill.

Case in point: Universal Pictures UK released this image via their Twitter page, and dammit, they’ve got me.

Yes, this is Bridget for the iPad generation, but look at her warm smile and the light pouring in from the window. Bridget’s impossible to resist as a character, and as long as they don’t try to recreate the seminal fight scene again, I’m in. Remember, this throwdown (“A fight. Come quick! It’s a reeeeeallll fight!”) will stand as one of the greatest fight scenes in film history. Come at me, bro.

The second movie’s one-up effort at fighting in a fountain did not go well. Let’s not make that same mistake again.