Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Calling For A ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ Reunion Movie That Should Definitely Happen

For the first time ever, someone is suggesting a reboot/reunion that might not merit a massive, collective eye roll. Jennifer Love Hewitt sent out a tweet this weekend after Can’t Hardly Wait was screened at Cinespia, then followed up suggesting that a new movie should be made:

Is this just some late-summer nostalgia, or could this be something that could possibly materialize? Hewitt’s co-star Ethan Embry seems to be onboard the nostalgia train, but it’s not really clear if he’d be willing to reprise his role as Preston Meyers:

The 1998 movie about one last party on the last night of high school for a group of teenagers is a cult hit, especially for those of us who ride the cusp between Generation X and the Millennials. And considering the cast of this movie — Hewitt, Embry, Lauren Ambrose, Seth Green, Peter Facinelli, and a featured appearance by a pre-Freaks and Geeks Jason Segel — it really could be worth our while. Did Kenny finally accept that he’s white? Did Amanda and Preston really stay together? Did Mike Dexter clean up his act or did he become the washed-up burnout that Jerry O’Connell predicted he would become?

At the very least, a staged reading with the cast, who have all clearly gone on to do some amazing and diverse work — Embry is joining the cast of The Walking Dead this season — would be really interesting to watch. Come on, guys, can we start with a short little thing on Funny or Die? The West Wing cast does that all the time and it drives the kids nuts!

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