Marvel At Cap’s Rubber Ears As Honest Trailers Tackles The Worst ‘Captain America’ Movie Ever

The new Marvel Cinematic Universe has done pretty well by Captain America. Chris Evans is perfectly-cast as Cap, and the Captain America movies have been two of Marvel’s most ambitious and well-received. The upcoming Captain America: Civil War looks to continue that trend. Cap didn’t always have it so good, though.

The rights to Captain America were originally sold to the infamous B-movie schlockmeisters at Cannon in 1984. The movie spent years in development hell until Cannon co-founder Menahem Golan left the studio and took the Captain America rights with him. Golan quickly slapped together a version of Captain America in Yugoslavia with director Albert Pyun (the visionary behind “classics” like Cyborg and Bloodmatch). The movie was such an embarrassment it went unreleased for years before sneaking into Blockbusters on VHS.

Yup, if there was ever a movie in need of a little honesty, it’s the 1990 version of Captain America. Stare slack-jawed at Cap’s hilariously dorky mask that comes equipped with fake rubber ears! Marvel at how Cap seemingly solves every problem by running away or feigning that he’s about to throw up! I suggest you keep this video on hand just in case any of the Marvel fans in your life get a little too smug.

via Screen Junkies