‘Captain America: Civil War’ And Adele Make A Surprisingly Powerful Combination

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11.30.15 3 Comments


You’d think the worlds of record-shattering balladeers and Marvel superheroes wouldn’t quite sync up, but it turns out that Adele and Captain America: Civil War pair surprisingly well. Perhaps a little too well, if you’re overly invested in what happens in this particular set of hero fights.

Part of this is, of course, the eternal longing and tragic star-crossed nature that is the Tony/Cap relationship that suffuses every Marvel movie. But another part is that it’s just not an Avengers movie if somebody doesn’t feel sad about something. Granted in the first one, that was Loki feeling sad he ever thought he could mind-control the Hulk, but hey, people grow.

Really, Adele should just score all the Marvel movies. She’s already delivered the best recent Bond song, and really, the only way either Marvel or Adele could become a bigger entertainment juggernaut at this point is by combining forces. Of course, between the two superpowers, this would probably result in the world being overwhelmed and taken over with a combination of distracting popular movies and Adele’s ability to make the majority of her listeners cry. But hey, at least the Adele/Disney dictatorship would put out some great entertainment.

(Via Cinema Blend)

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