This ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Audi Commercial Debuts New Footage From A Three-Way Chase Scene

Between clips of a Black Panther costume-less T’Challa fighting against Bucky and Captain America getting a literal lift from Scarlet Witch, the Disney-funded marketing machine has launched itself fully into promoting Captain America: Civil War‘s theatrical release on May 6. Not that they need to, because all of Marvel fandom will be turning out in droves to see the film, which Uproxx’s Mike Ryan thinks is the studio’s best yet. But guaranteed tickets aren’t going to stop the movie’s commercialization anytime soon — hence the new 90-second Audi commercial above.

Product tie-ins are no stranger to Hollywood, and Marvel is no different. The German automobile manufacturer has been a part of the comic book publisher-cum-studio’s filmmaking process since the beginning, and that’s perfectly fine, because television ads like “The Chase” will always be around to offer audiences new footage of their favorite upcoming flicks. Case in point, a three-way chase scene through an underground car tunnel between Bucky, Black Panther and Captain America. Official photos, trailers and official television spots have already offered glimpses of this action sequence, but the new Audi commercial — save for a few added scenes with a family stuck in the middle of the chase — gives viewers their best look yet.