Tony Hale And Adam Pally Are ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Reenactors

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It’s no secret that Captain America: Civil War is a giant, huge, monstrosity of a smash-hit after its opening weekend and that it made a ton of money. As Tobias Funkë from Arrested Development would say, it is ripe for parody! Ripe! What better way to parody Captain America: Civil War than with Tony Hale sporting a goofy beard as the homicidal maniac Iron Man, right? It’s virtually impossible to picture Hale as anything outside of the Buster Bluth/Gary from Veep role, isn’t it?

Well, FunnyOrDie seemingly agreed with this sentiment when they put together Captain America: Civil War Reenactors. AVClub points out just how ridiculous it is to blend together comic book cosplaying with Civil War reenactments, yet it is rather sublime, isn’t it? Hale along with Adam Pally star as two pool salesmen who have dedicated their lives to reenacting the Civil War comics and how their lives changed thanks to the film of the same name.

Because, let’s be real here, there are going to be photos from Comic Cons and the like over the next few months of people in elaborate costumes depicting both sides from the film facing off, but they probably won’t be able to capture the emotional bonds much like this video was able to. Just beautiful.

(Via AVClub)