Carrie Fisher Took Some Unforgettable ‘Before And After’ Pics With Wax Leia And Her Gold Bikini

Carrie Fisher has some complicated feelings about her infamous metal bikini look from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. She’s certainly had a hand in playing up the look over the years, and has said killing Jabba the Hutt was her personal favorite Star Wars moment, but she’s also been critical of the outfit, and warned Daisy Ridley against getting stuck in any gold swimwear.

So what do you do when you’re strolling through Madame Tussauds and come across a life-size wax figure of yourself in the iconic outfit that, for better or worse, helped define your career? You take some before and after selfies of course, because sometimes you just have to laugh.

Of course Carrie Fisher’s French bulldog Gary also got in on the pics, because, well, he’s involved with pretty much whatever Fisher does these days.

Here’s the best pic of the bunch – poor Gary looks legitimately confused, although I suppose French bulldogs look that way most of the time.

Considering Disney has reportedly put a ban on any “Slave Leia” imagery going forward, these photos may end up being an interesting historical document. If this is Carrie Fisher’s final brush with the most obsessed-over bikini in history, these pics, which keep Fisher’s thoughts on the outfit somewhat ambiguous while delivering a bit of her trademark wacky humor, are pretty much the ideal goodbye.