Chloe Moretz Is The Next ‘Little Mermaid’ For A Live-Action Version Of The Story

As Working Title and Universal’s The Little Mermaid film is in the early stages, Chloe Moretz has already been selected to play the lead character in a reimagining. Writer Richard Curtis is looking like a strong contender for the man who will refashion the script. Working Title will produce the film, which could bring in many dollars from parents with lingering nostalgia and kids who need big-screen babysitting.

As of right now, it’s not known whether there will be differences or similarities between this upcoming retelling and the past versions of the Hans Christian Anderson tale. We also don’t know if Moretz will be portraying Ariel or an absolutely new character entirely, or if this version will feature Ursula The Sea Witch or a musical interlude by Sebastian the Crab.

Director Sofia Coppola left the project earlier this year down to that pesky thing called “creative differences.” Moretz was on tap as a lead candidate for the role all along, but some people think Coppola may have left the film for this very reason. That is to say, Coppola may not have wanted a star of Moretz’s caliber on the project. The studio kept Moretz in mind but stayed mum until they found a writer to dig into and revise the existing script.

So … Hit-Girl could soon sing “Under the Sea” as Ariel. Can you dig it?

(Via Variety)