Check Out Chris Hemsworth As The World’s Hunkiest Hacker In Six Clips From ‘Blackhat’

He’ll code your pants right off, ladies.

I hope Hollywood never stops making movies that portray hacking as a sexy, adventurous thing done by supermodels. Sure, it’s irresponsible, but it’s a staple, a genre, and the reality of hacking, of neckbeards brute-forcing passwords in dank basements and/or North Korean gulags, is just too depressing to put on screen.

The latest movie to transform the sad, scuzzy world of hacking into some sort of James Bond fantasy is Michael Mann’s Blackhat, and we’ve got a bunch of clips of super hunky hacker Chris Hemsworth poking at keyboards, getting into gunfights, and smooching cute Asian ladies. Just like a real hacker!

Sigh. I wish I was cool and sexy enough to sit around on the Internet talking about blackhat operations.

Via The Playlist