This Dramatic Reading Of ‘Clueless’ Featuring Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield Will Blow You Away

It’s been a while since the internet has had a quality dramatic reading to really sink its teeth into, it’s not like the perfection of something like Michael Shannon reading a scathing, controversial sorority girl letter comes along every day. But Adam Driver and friends are here to fix that for the world and all of humanity. It’s exactly the kind of pick me up everybody needs right now, while still reminding viewers about important current events.

The video, seen above, includes Alden Ehrenreich, Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, and Lucas Hedges, participating in a dramatic reading of Cher’s legendary Clueless speech about immigration. Many 80’s and 90’s kids can remember that speech by heart and say the words along with Ms. Horowitz as she preaches about welcoming people into America. Andrew Garfield goes all out for this one (are you watching Emma Stone, is this enough for him to win you back?) but Driver and Ehrenreich aren’t bad here either. It’s hard to top Garfield’s eye rolls, accent, and complete commitment to the material.

The only disappointing thing here is that all of the actors had to use a script to remember the speech. This may have been short notice boys, but this speech is a modern day classic and an example of film’s unique power to move a generation. Show it the proper respect it deserves.

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