The Coen Brothers Paint A Grim Forecast For A ‘Big Lebowski’ Sequel

We hate to take a whiz on a rug woven out of your hopes and dreams, but Joel and Ethan Coen have addressed the rumblings of The Big Lebowski 2 and the prognosis doesn’t look good.

The Coen brothers have been doing some press ahead of the release of their latest cinematic offering, Hail, Caesar!. In their travels, Joel and Ethan spoke with Variety about the push for some sort of continuation of their 1998 cult classic, which starred Jeff Bridges as The Dude. The writing-directing team didn’t say too much, but what they did say pretty much snuffed optimism that another Lebowski film could be on its way.

“Tara Reid likes to announce that just like [George] Clooney likes to announce ‘Hail, Caesar! In this case, I don’t think we’ll oblige.”

Of course, Hail, Caesar! was eventually made so maybe this quote can be twisted into a microscopic ray of hope! The Coens previously quipped that they’d like to see Tara Reid’s movie after she talked about the prospect of a second Lebowski film, so points awarded for consistency.

As for whether or not the Coens will indeed f*ck with a Jesus spin-off starring John Turturro’s bowling alley scene stealer, well, that doesn’t look promising either. Variety lobbed the question at Ethan and he responded with a direct “no.” One sequel that could see Turturro return is the Palme d’Or-winning effort Barton Fink. The Coens shared that they plan to make a follow-up in the future with Turturro’s character transferred to 1960s Berkeley.

Circling back to current motion pictures from Joel and Ethan, Hail, Caesar! is set for release this Friday. George Clooney, Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Jonah Hill, and Josh Brolin offer up a healthy portion of wattage in the film’s star-studded cast.

(Via Variety)