Colin Trevorrow Officially Breaks Ground On ‘Star Wars Episode IX’

09.09.15 3 years ago 8 Comments

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Colin Trevorrow has officially proven himself with Jurassic World. No, we can’t say it was the most buttoned up film, but it did exactly what it was supposed to, make some damn money.

He is now on to his next project. And it is a hefty one…


Trevorrow tweeted this yesterday and it’s exciting to see ground is already being broken with this entry in the new Star Wars series. There is a worry, though, that could make dedicated fans tentative. That worry? Mediocrity. Trevorrow was a strange choice from the start with Jurassic World (with, really, only Safety Not Guaranteed under his belt at that point) and the film’s natural reach helped launch it across the finish line. Let’s remember that it is one of the biggest franchises around with a massive young/teen audience. So, financial success aside, can Trevorrow please Star Wars fans? Well, maybe.

Mr. Trevorrow is showing us that he is starting his homework early and reinserting himself back into the material, as he should. And, again, he has the natural reach of the franchise to give him confidence as a director. We just hope he hones in on good storytelling, character development and character relationships more than anything else.

Here’s to seeing Colin Trevorrow show off his innermost talents.

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