A Previously Cut Actress From Cyborg’s New Backstory In Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Is Being Celebrated For Her Performance

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has finally arrived to present the director’s original vision on HBO Max. The end result is a vast improvement over Joss Whedon’s theatrical cut with a hefty runtime (about four hours) to make that happen. Within that extravagant runtime, it’s a bit of a revelation to see a lot of newfound character development, and one character who’s been un-shafted would be Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, who ends up emerging as the unquestionable heart of the story. In turn, Cyborg’s backstory is finally giving some screentime to a minor character (portrayed by Amanda Maud), a waitress and struggling single mom, who ended up on Whedon’s cutting room floor.


Come to think of it, Linda’s onscreen time might be the best part of the entire movie. Cyborg, who posses the ability to control any operating system and hack into anything he damn well pleases, observes her plight (she’s evicted from her apartment and only has a few dollars in her bank account), and his response reflects upon his own traumatic history after being rebuilt by his father after a car accident that killed his mother. While observing Linda, he decides to use his powers for good, and he drops a cool $100,000 into her back account. It’s a touching scene, and Amanda Maud (who appears to be overseas and unable to access the new film on HBO Max) took to Twitter on Thursday morning and asked if anyone had seen her in Snyder’s version.

“#SnyderCut I was cut from the Wheedon version,” Maud tweeted. “Can someone please let me know if I’m in this version? Trying to figure out how to view it but please let me know if I made this cut. I’m the single mom waitress in Cyborg’s back story.”

Let’s just say that, yes, people (including Ray Fisher) let Amanda know that she’s in the movie, and she put forth an amazing performance.

In turn, Amanda was understandably excited, which makes the Snyder Cut an even more positive experience for fans than it’s already turning out to be. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me before,” Maud tweeted. “Thank you EVERYONE for all the kind words and support. Thank you to everyone that made the #SnyderCut possible.”