Daniel Radcliffe Had A Surprise ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion After A Recent Performance

Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is currently performing off-Broadway in Privacy. The play is a considerably small project considering that it’s following up one of the most acclaimed movies of the summer, but that’s just Radcliffe for you.

The play is getting plenty of support – including a visit from two of Radcliffe’s old Hogwarts pals. We love Harry Potter cast reunions and this is no exception. Actress Bonnie Wright (who played Ginny Weasly) and director Chris Columbus (who directed the first two films in the series) attended the play and spent time with Radcliffe after the show, with Wright posting a picture to Instagram of the trio  afterwards.

Potter cast reunions are somewhat common these days (and don’t mistake us here, that’s pretty awesome) but seeing these actors with Columbus again feels a bit more special. One would almost expect most of the primary cast members to remain close and see each other regularly. They worked together for a decade on these films and clearly stayed in touch afterwards. Columbus being a part of this one feels more unique, given that he was the director who launched the franchise and turned these actors that were so young at the time into the stars that they are. That he, too, still makes time for them after all these years is really cool to see. Hopefully we’ll get a picture of Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron getting falafel with Rupert Grint next.

(Via Vanity Fair)